Who Would Visit My COVID Art Show?

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My show “Saving Lives” has been open for one week now and I’m meeting many people who want to visit my COVID art show. “Saving Lives” tells the untold stories from the years of lockdowns and masking that many of us, frankly, would just like to forget forever. And yet, my show also tells the […]

A Sneak Peek into my Covid Art Show


I’ve been framing over 40 paintings for my Covid art show this July. “Saving Lives” will be a gentle and beautiful watercolor journey through the COVID years to honor all we went though, to tell the untold stories, and to process these stories. But it will also include local landscapes paintings from the Seacoast and […]

An Art Exhibition on the COVID Years

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During the last nine months I been preparing for an art exhibition: listening to stories, sketching ideas, painting rough drafts, scheduling critiques, and then back to the drawing board again. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about COVID, asking for God’s courage to know how to paint these dark times. I have been preparing for an art […]

Watercolor Art Auction on Fridays

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There’s something amazing about a watercolor art auction, it reveals and condenses. But first let me tell you about trendiness and the way it works in art purchases. I’m surprised at how easy it is for a smooth sales guy or gal to talk someone out of what they like. Quietly, I watch it at […]

Painting in the Caribbean

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First a reflective thought on social media, then a beautiful story about painting people in the Caribbean. Happy Saturday! How I See Social I meet with a couple of painters to critique our work via Zoom, and during one of these meetings I realized we are all struggling with how to show up on social […]

One Day Left

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This month I shared a few tips to build your art collection and display it like a pro. In case you fell behind or missed the posts, you can catch up with the whole series right here.  How to Choose How to Frame How to Display February Special For my new readers, I didn’t want […]

How to Display Art

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There are so many good ideas for laying out space. Some of my favorite friends are fashionistas who understand how the human body is really a blank wall, ready for decor, colors, drape and coordination. A wall is also like a blank canvas, so I know I can help you better display the art you […]

How to Choose Art in Two Steps

Dad Leads the Way

I purchased my first original painting with my husband. Dale and I went on a very special shopping spree that day and purchased three paintings, two of sailboats and one of a schoolroom. We were newlyweds, decades from knowing we would one day become sailors and homeschool our children, but the paintings prophesied our passion. […]

The Words They Say

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You always seems to capture the energy, the life. –D.R. You bring a tremendous amount of skill and sensitivity to the table. — T.B. The way you use light is magical. –A.S. Your love of painting shows through each one. –L.V. Your style is fresh and alive, not overworked or over controlled. –C.P. Exquisite, please […]

Framing Art without Breaking the Bank

Listing Product 11 x 15 vertical on floor

A room without art is no better than a cell. Worse, actually, because even prisoners, like Betsy Ten Boom in The Hiding Place decorated her Nazi prison cell with scarves from her suitcase. We press ourselves into the things around us. And everything on our walls tells us and our friends something about us. No […]