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Watercolor Art Auction on Fridays

There’s something amazing about a watercolor art auction, it reveals and condenses. But first let me tell you about trendiness and the way it works in art purchases. I’m surprised at how easy it is for a smooth sales guy or gal to talk someone out of what they like. Quietly, I watch it at art galleries or fashion boutiques. I see it in how people dress or walk; they didn’t feel comfortable with this look until someone argued them into it. And now it doesn’t fit them, their person or home is less beautiful because they bought this thing.

  • Art pieces on a person’s wall that are trendy but don’t reveal who they are.
  • Watercolor art pieces that hide rather than reveal the subject.
  • Modern art that confuses rather than clarifies a person’s values.

Trendy Ugliness

The un-fittedness of ugly things someone said were popular is rampant. Therefore, it’s simultaneously expensive.

Consequently, beauty that we were designed to enjoy, beauty that could nourish us ends up dying a slow death, on the block of trends. Sadly, the wealthy, bored, or anxious person is the most susceptible. Predictably, they slide into this trap again and again. So, I wonder about how many of us would buy less, enjoy more if we were convinced that our desires don’t need to be fashionable to be valuable. What we choose in an art gallery is interesting, revealing, and often very good, even if it’s not the best art.

For instance, I like boats, as I wrote in my last post, I love messing about in a boat. The water lapping, the breeze lifting, the calm of God’s beauty in a lake or ocean moves me to peace. So, no surprise here, I have bought quite a bit of sailboat art. And some of it, I can now see, isn’t top-tier art, it’s not excellent. But I still love it, it still speaks to me.

Trust Your Taste

Maybe you have some of those themes in the art you’ve bought or the prints you’ve found. I’m glad to say that the rise of internet buying can help us find better art, if you can trust your own taste. And in an auction, people are put in a place they can instantly put their value where their heart is. I also want to encourage my collectors to trust their own taste, so I’ve decided to begin a weekly watercolor art auction. Even more important, I want to offer the options ahead of time, so you can carefully decide. Does this piece speak to me?

Art auctions bring something big and maybe even distant more close and accessible, especially when you can bid from home! You can start small, bid and see if you’ve secured the piece that grabbed your heart. And all this in your jammies while you’re eating a dish of ice cream.

Most importantly, a watercolor art auction gives you a chance to see what it’s like to trust yourself. You don’t need to let anyone else convince you if this piece is the “right” art for you. You decide and make your move. If you’d like more tips on how to choose art, check out this post I recently wrote “How to Choose Art“).

Art Auction Tonight

You can start trusting your taste in a watercolor art auction, tonight! For all on Instagram, starting 5/12/23 at 6 pm ET, one of the little 3″ x 4″ minis below will be going up to the highest bidder. Auction begins at $20. See if you can grab it!

Find the auction for 5/11/23 at my Instagram page @jonalyn_fincher. Just click the picture that looks like the painting below and says AUCTION! Find next week’s auction 5/19/23 starting at 6pm at my Facebook page @Jonalyn Fincher Art Studio.  You can visit either of my pages right now and still vote for the mini you’d like to see at the watercolor art auction. I’ve got polls running there right now! Look for the most recent post or story.

And in the next weeks, my watercolor art auction will continue on my pages on Facebook and Instagram. I am hoping to make Fri evening to Sat evening the 24 hour Auction Day. Does that work for you? 

Because of your faithful readership and support, I want to personally invite you to offer suggestions of which art pieces you’d like to see in future watercolor art auctions. Feel free to suggest a piece in the comments, or email me

Finally, a happy Mother’s Day to the many of you celebrating wonderful mums, grandmothers, wives, and daughters who mother so well.  Enjoy being celebrated by all who love you in your way! For me, that means I’ll be gardening and eating chocolate, of course.

Facebook’s watercolor art auction will be one of these miniatures. Vote for your favorite in the comments or at Facebook:
Instagram’s watercolor art auction tonight will be one of these (or both). Vote for your favorite in my stories on Instagram:

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