About Jonalyn Fincher

"To see clearly is poetry, prophecy and religion, all in one.”

–John Ruskin


I’m Jonalyn Fincher, author and painter.
Here you’ll find me using watercolor
to tell stories of enduring beauty. 

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Since publishing my books over 10 years ago, I have continued to write. With Ruby Slippers, my book and blog, I wrote to figure out what a woman uniquely offered the world. Now, I’m writing to share the stories that inspire each painting. 

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I can remember the beautiful moments.

When I was five, my grandmother took me to the Los Angeles Museum of Art. I  remember standing in front of a painting 20 times bigger than me, wishing I could hold all it all.

I remember my Mexican grandparents sitting with me over long meals, buckwheat pancakes with the faintest drizzle of real maple syrup.

The way the moon would rise so close  when I climbed the pine tree in our backyard. These beautiful memories customized by the Good Shepherd continue to drive me to tell my own stories and those of my collectors. 


Friendship has unlocked every meaningful moment in my life.

These friendships stand behind my work on my easel. To learn more about how friendships power my work, listen in to our weekly podcast, Back Porch with Dale and Jonalyn. To read about my views of friendship and art, see my blog