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This month I shared a few tips to build your art collection and display it like a pro. In case you fell behind or missed the posts, you can catch up with the whole series right here. 

How to Choose

How to Frame

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February Special

For my new readers, I didn’t want you to miss out. Because this month only, purchase any original piece of artwork from my shop and I will frame it for you at 50% off, saving you approximately $150. You have one day left to discover the new paintings in my shop.

For those of you who’ve purchased art, you know the extra work framing requires. Save yourself a trip to the framers and let me frame your piece. I have black, white, wood, and silver frames available while supplies last.* First come, first served.**


So many artists talk about developing a personal style. So far, I’ve been working to just paint what I see and make sure I’m growing my skills. But lately, on our trip to the West Indies, I leaned into a more expressive way to paint. My style is growing into using more color and more abstract elements while still painting what I see. My friends know I have this playful, expressive side and I’m realizing my paintings ought to express that even better. Let me give you an example from a sketch I did in Dominica (see below0. I think there’s a spontaneity to this piece that captures the way Dominica actually felt to me. The splatter and vivid colors and tumultuous clouds, even that misty rainbow. 

The top painting is the studio piece. You can watch a reel of it coming together at my Instagram @Jonalyn_Fincher  You can see the travel sketchbook inspiration in the second picture. I took this composition and added more color and worked more carefully on the rainbow that popped out right as I was finishing up. I’m delighted to have found a fun way to paint a rainbow with watercolors. Being made of water itself, watercolor seems an ideal medium to try to capture its effervescence, a sure reminder of God”s trustworthy ways. 

And before you jet to the next thing, don’t forget to have a little fun visiting my Shop before Feb 28 at midnight. The framing special is nearly over. 

The studio piece of Dominica. The rainbow is top left. “Rainbow over Dominica”, original watercolor on 100% cotton paper, 5.5″ x 15″


My travel sketchbook two-page spread that served as the reference for my studio painting. You can see I painted it in an hour on Valentine’s Day.

* My frames range from $10 – $80 each + my time to frame (I’m fast). Offer applies to all paintings except those featured at Sullivan Gallery in Bedford, NH. 

**Purchase a painting and I will frame, calculate shipping and then bill you for the balance. 



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  1. I love the colors, the flow and the rainbow, Jonalyn. So fun to see how you created a studio piece from your travel journal. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Lisa, for these encouraging words about my painting. It’s challenging to know how much color to add, how to apply it, how to create a scene that captures not just what I saw but what I felt. I know you understand that, as a watercolor artist yourself. Appreciate your comment!

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