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“Powder House Row”, Exeter, New Hampshire

Jonalyn was walking down the Swasey Park river walk when she saw this couple working to row together. She could tell the woman up front didn’t have much experience. And the man in the back wasn’t sure how to coach her. It took several tries before their oar strokes matched in unison. It was like they were remembering the art of rowing together.

If you let your eyes drift above them, to the left, you’ll see the Exeter Powder House from the Revolutionary War, reminding us of a time when gun powder was hoarded and stolen by the British and then safeguarded way up here in Exeter by the Patriots. This was the powder that would be used in the Battle of Bunker Hill. Re-membering our past, more pieces mined out to sparkle in one picture, as we row along our American story.

All Jonalyn’s paintings arrive with a living edge. You can frame her art by either covering or showcasing this raw edge. Jonalyn’s favorite way to frame her work is in a “float mount” showcasing this raw, living edge.



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Original watercolor, 5.5” x 15”, watercolor on 140 lb 100% cotton Saunders paper. Unframed


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