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COVID Paintings – Reviews from the VIRTUAL Watercolor Show

When you finish an event, two years in the making, it’s wonderful to be able to share the good words with you. Let me share what people said about the “Saving Lives” Virtual Gallery Experience.

What They Said

After my Premiere event of “Saving Lives”, my watercolor exhibition on the COVID years, here’s what the audience had to say.

Just magnificent!
—Epping, New Hampshire

I loved it! Engaging and moving, gave me a pause to process everything. I was crying by the end of the movie.
—Maui, Hawaii

I tend to doze off watching film. But I loved how I felt compelled to want to keep watching. I was completely engaged.
—film critic, Lorenzo Vigil, Exeter, New Hampshire

It’s been so good to think about this topic together.
—Denton, Texas

I was touched by the amount of work Jonalyn put into this project, how she navigated all the different obstacles in each phase.
—Orange County, CA

This was fascinating. It ignited all kinds of memories and stories for me. Thank you!
—Yorktown, Virginia

What an incredible experience. Gorgeous, meaningful and creative. What a powerful medium – these images hit you in the gut and stick with you. Thank you for doing the challenging work of diving into COVID, listening to stories and painting these experiences.
—Steamboat, Colorado

Another Event for February

Save the date! 2/18 at 4pm 🕓 ET
Tickets can be found here.

WHAT IS IT? An art gallery dedicated to gently processing the COVID years. You will feel like you’re walking with me to the gallery and through the space I created on the COVID years. I will guide you through the making, collecting and stories behind each painting. Afterwards I’ll take questions and we will finish with a silent art auction.

WHEN? The LIVE event is Sunday, February 18, 4 pm ET.

KID FRIENDLY? This film is appropriate for kids. My son really enjoyed interacting with the stories and paintings. I can imagine sharing with your family and kids would make for a spiritually significant memory for years to come 🧡

INSIDER TRACK Purchase a ticket to get the insider link to view the paintings and prepare for an amazing time together.

News and Paintings

Dale and I have been tackling some of the harder life subjects of moving, emotional baggage and why we decided to become a sailing family at our podcast this month. Take a listen to the newest episodes and subscribe here.

And, a few new miniatures I’m pleased to share with you this week. All are available in my Shop.

“In the Shadow of Mt. Werner”, Steamboat Springs, CO, 3 x 4″


“Bristol View”, Bristol, Rhode Island, 2.5 x 4″


“Steamboat Barn”, Colorado, 3 x 4″

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