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You’re Invited – the Virtual Gallery of my COVID paintings

When you’re an artist you want your friends to witness the art you create. It is the biggest honor and a true celebration to share what you’ve made.

A Place for You

Two years of painting coming together for one LIVE event! I think it will be a refreshing and beautiful time.

I am hosting a LIVE virtual gallery of the “Saving Lives” experience I mounted last summer. You will feel like you’re walking with me to the gallery and through the space I created in Exeter last summer. Even if you visited or met me at the gallery, through this film, I will guide you through the making, collecting and stories behind each painting.

Afterwards I’ll take questions and we will finish with an art auction! 

This LIVE event is especially meaningful for children and teens—an accessible way to share an art gallery from the comfort of your home. Tickets to join me on January 27, 7-8:30 pm ET. Afterwards, tickets will be available for the film here.

Listen to the stories. Savor the watercolor paintings. Find the words to tell your own stories.

What to Expect

A gentle watercolor journey, a film walking you through the gallery and the story of how this exhibition came to be. Followed up with a live question and answer time and auction. Depending on the number of guests we will have prints and paintings available for bidding. I’ll send a blog post out next week with potential auction paintings so you can plan ahead.

I will be hosting this event through Zoom, but you won’t be sharing your screen so there’s no need to get “screen ready”. You can watch, ask questions through a typed chat and even bid on new art pieces from the comfort of your home. Once you purchase tickets, you will be emailed the code to access the LIVE virtual gallery.

News and Paintings

I painted a commission piece this month for a mother who wanted to surprise her son who works in the construction business. The reference photo is a shot of her son reframing her windows. Here are her words upon opening her package,

“I opened this painting and literally caught my breath. You captured my son so well. It’s so incredibly beautiful, such a gift. It’s like a treasure. I love every part of it, but the way you have painted my son, you totally caught his essence. I love it so much I’m getting teary-eyed sharing this. It’s so beautiful, I love that it’s our house. I love that he was working on our windows. That itself is beautiful. But the way you captured it is so beautiful. We are delighted with this painting.”

Framing Windows, Milford, NH, 11 x 15″



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