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The Words They Say

You always seems to capture the energy, the life. –D.R.

You bring a tremendous amount of skill and sensitivity to the table. — T.B.

The way you use light is magical. –A.S.

Your love of painting shows through each one. –L.V.

Your style is fresh and alive, not overworked or over controlled. –C.P.

Exquisite, please continue to paint. –A.N.

I’ve been collecting the words people share when they see my paintings. I have been thinking about the courage it takes not just to paint, but to purchase an original painting. It’s a real flag in the sand, saying “This is where I want to invest.” When I think back to the first painting I purchased, the first original, it was a watercolor of a sailboat off the shore of Scotland. We still have this painting on the wall in our living room. It’s moved with us from Los Angeles, to Steamboat, to New Hampshire. And the painting foretold where we would end up dreaming, too. 

Dale and I want to begin a sailing journey together, with our children, along the eastern seaboard. It’s one of the reasons we moved to New Hampshire. But the painting, our love for this painting, prophesied what we couldn’t even put into words. 

Choosing an art piece can be so daunting, this month I want to share a few tips that may help you choose and begin your own art collection. Keep an eye out for my next posts on these topics.

How to Choose

How to Frame

How to Display

This series will run throughout February and give you confidence to take advantage of my February special!

February Special

Framing can be so time-consuming. So, this month only, purchase any original piece of artwork from my shop and I will frame it for you at 50% off, saving you approximately $150. Imagine that, you shop, and it arrives, already matted and framed, ready to enjoy!

For those of you who’ve purchased art, you know the extra work framing requires. Save yourself a trip to the framers, to drop off, worry if you’ve chosen the right mat board, frame or glass, then have to wait and pick up. Minimize the hassle and let me frame your piece. I have affordable black, white and silver frames available while supplies last.* First come, first served.**

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day will be here before you know it. Gift-giving for the special people in our lives can be hard because we want to pick something meaningful. Art is timeless and something to treasure. And art can say “I care about you” in ways no flowers can. My paintings are one-of-a-kind ways to share life and love to those you want to bless. Let me make it easier for you, shop here and let me frame it and send it out to you. Your new painting will be all ready to hang in your home! 

But in the words of Reading Rainbow, you don’t have to take my word for it.


I have found myself with a sense of peace while observing your work. Thank you for giving that to the world! — J.M.

Your art savors moments capturing the warmth of living slowly. — K.C.

Your paintings are even more beautiful in person. –D.P.

I feel like I know YOU through your works. — P.D.

I love the depth of your paintings. –E.A.


I have just moved into my newly renovated art studio. It is pretty wonderful to paint without two layers of wool and a wool hat. Hooray for insulation in the walls instead of on my person! I want to bring you into the celebration, so I’ve spent the last month organizing, photographing and listing (this really is a labor of love!) 20+ new paintings exclusively at my Shop.

Have you enjoyed browsing my Shop, yet? You can search by categories (see left side). For instance, try “mini landscapes” to see them all. Or you can search by title. And as a blog subscriber, you get access first. I won’t market these new paintings until Feb 1. So browse now!

This month, my son made a video showcasing my paintings. You can view it on my homepage here. I really like how F.F. coordinated the music with the slides. I’m so proud of his artistic abilities! Did you see our competition I posted on social? You can view that here

Last week, we spent three full days in Costa Rica celebrating a friend’s 50th birthday. I’ve shared some of the special memories from my travel sketchbook on social (Gab, Instagram, Facebook), but if you’d like to stay off social (I get it!) feel free to just scroll down below.

And don’t forget to click over to my Shop before the new paintings disappear!

Happy almost February,


* My frames range from $10-$40 each + my time to frame (and I’m fast), you’re looking at a savings of several hundred dollars. Offer applies to all paintings except those featured at Sullivan Gallery in Bedford, NH. 

**Purchase a painting and I will frame, calculate shipping and then bill you for the balance. 

This one has a good story. The couple in the pool were older and so sweet to watch. I painted them because they were standing there just talking for awhile. I learned they were engaged later, after I showed them this sketch. Their friend P.H. covertly pulled me aside and asked to buy this painting as a wedding gift!
The beach of Tamarindo, Costa Rica, right before my little O.F. learned to surf.
The coconut tree outside our condo. Dale was feeding an iguana a banana while I painted this one. 🙂

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