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Friends and Flowers

I am a third generation gardener. My grandmother from Mexico city is in her mid-nineties and she still tends a garden of roses, fruit trees, and vegetables. My mother and father also grow vegetables in their garden in southern California.  In every house we’ve lived, from Los Angeles to Colorado’s Rockies (with a 46 day growing season), to our new home in New Hampshire, I’ve had a garden.

So you’ll understand why I like to imagine friendships in gardening terms. My new friends are like carrot sprouts, lovely but fragile. My closest friend are like sturdy aspen, mighty sycamores. 

All friendships begin as sprouts: these weak, but hopeful nuggets of potential. Growing friendships into huge oaks requires a lot of the same steps as cultivating a garden. 

It is normal and appropriate for a new friendship to be fragile. And it’s appropriate for older friends to be sturdy and resilient. But all friendships, like all plants, require care. This month we’ll be talking about ways to grow new and old friendships. 

And to get you into the spirit of growing, I’d like to draw your attention to my Flower Collection of gift cards. This is a good gift to send to your favorite friends. Just in time for Easter, Mother’s Day and celebrating the resurrection. Just click the photo below to purchase.

Happy Palm Sunday!

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  1. I remember your garden, and how much you loved it……beautiful flowers and a beautiful friend….are you looking forward to your new garden?

    1. It’s special to know you can remember my garden in Steamboat, Pegge 🤎. I am looking forward to our new landscaping and gardens very much. I just bought a flat of pansies because I couldn’t stand not having any plants any longer. Pansies, Pegge! Why haven’t I painted them before? They’re so velvety and sweet.

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