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Small Landscape Commission

I enjoy commissioned work very much! You supply the reference photos, I supply the vision and painting.

I will paint a 4″ x 6″ landscape to highlight the subject of your choice, be it your favorite car, an incredible holiday, a moment of laughter between two friends. See pictures for some of my commissioned work.


▶︎ One incredible picture with great lighting is enough. But I can combine several photos if the lighting is similar.

▶︎ Lighting is everything. Natural sunrise or sunset light really makes a watercolor glow.

▶︎ I will not invent an entire scene, so be prepared to supply the photos for any idea you have.

▶︎ These are too small to be facial portraits, so be sure to choose a scene you like for the posture and pose more than the facial expression. Should you want a portrait, see my portrait commission option here.



One original 4″ x 6″ commissioned watercolor piece. All my watercolors are painted to the edge, a feature only available on original watercolor paintings. This makes them ideal for a float mount frame. See pictures for example.

Painted on 140 lb 100% cotton Saunders’ St. Cuthbert’s Mill paper. Unframed.


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