Messing About in Boats

I live by a brook that sings its way to the Atlantic Ocean.  Norris Brook borders our new home here in New Hampshire. We wade in its murky waters in the summer and watch the tides bring it up and down all year long. In winter, it freezes at multiple heights, making a fun crunchy […]

Mutuality: Better Two-Way Friends

I recently did an interview for a radio show, Christian Curious, when the host asked me how switching careers from non-profit work to art work changed me. I was a little nervous to share, mostly because it reveals where I had gotten friendship wrong. Ministry work encouraged me to believe that I had a lot […]

Painting a Friendship

Most scenes I paint are the best angle with the best light in the most ideal composition. You can see how art and artificial have the same root, art is constructed, created for the goal of the artist. Art isn’t false as much as it is constructed. In a similar way, a friendship requires construction, […]

The Final Post on Friendship

I have been criss-crossing the state of New Hampshire to hang my paintings in new shops and galleries. This is a good problem, but the downside is that I have little time to write. This means that this month will be my last formal installment of friendship posts. Come June, I will still write updates, […]

The Work of Healing

My first Best in Show award, the painting that won, update on the auction, and a new post on how you know it’s time to heal a friendship. All in the post below! See you there 🌸

Forgiveness in Friendship + Auction

Read an inspiring story of a mother I know and begin to heal the friendships that matter most to you.

Don’t miss the big news about my FOUR painting auction starting now. Bid for one of these paintings this week!

Weeding a Friendship

There are two weeds that can choke out ANY friendship. Two things we have to watch for and root out whenever they rear their ugly heads. Know what they are?

Growing a New Friendship

I have recently moved to the Seacoast area of New England, where I’m regularly meeting new people and wondering if any of them will develop into friends. This means . . .

Friends and Flowers

It’s April and time to talk about growing friendships. This month we will focus on how new and old friends require different kinds of care.