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Painting a Garden

For a watercolor artist, painting a garden is an absolute dream. Painting for a friend is even better. I adore doing commissions for people I know.

Barefoot Boy

I have a friend who created a cut-flowers garden. This is a commissioned painting of her son running carefree and diaper-heavy through her flower beds. That’s the color study on top that I paint for all my clients so they can imagine and give feedback. Takes some of the anxiety out of the process so we all know what to anticipate.

The final piece comes together only after sketching thumbnails and color studies to be sure we are all on the same page. Then, for three days, I paint.

I cannot think of a better combination, so many of my favorite things packed into one painting commission: gardening, watercolor, flowers, intentional mothers teaching their children out of their own love of the earth, a new day’s sunrise, a barefoot boy with earth on his feet. I’m so grateful I get to paint brave mothers and their children in their garden.

Gardening Care

I come from two grandmothers who painted with flowers. They didn’t paint flowers, they used flowers to paint colors in their gardens.  I also care a lot about the earth, not in an anxious we-are-running-out-of-space-and-resources sort of way, but in a tender, how-can-I water-my-garden way. I know I offer gifts as a human. I know I’m not a virus on this blue planet.

Each morning I wake and listen for my part to co-create with the Maker. I don’t shame myself for being alive and needing things. I don’t dump energy into condemning others or myself because I need that energy to create. In the quiet of my studio, I get to co-create with the Master Gardener. He made Eden, he still knows how to help us care for this earth.

Enjoy watching the process of “Barefoot Boy” coming together at the link in the Artist’s Note (Don’t see it? You have to click to my blog to enjoy the goodies. Navigate to my blog post by clicking on the title above). I still have a few changes before this piece is complete, but the beauty of the earth is there. Enough to share this painting with you, enough to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Last Chance for Cards

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The sketch is finished.


The mid-tones are down and you can see the painting’s structure.


Photograph of flower garden with boy running through the grass
Here is the photograph I used as a reference.
Watercolor painting of a young boy running through a flower garden
“Barefoot Boy”, 16 x 20″, original watercolor on 150 lb paper by Jonalyn Fincher


If you’d like to learn more about commissioning a watercolor, visit my page on custom art.


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