Pretender Friends

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Let me first admit that Jackson Browne’s lyrics from “The Pretender” inspired the title of this one. I met M years ago in Canada*. When I told her I would be visiting for a month to write a book, M was overjoyed. Near the end of the month, we had made many good memories together. […]

Lifelong Friends

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You know that moment when a stranger reveals something a little different from the crowd? And in that moment, when they look a little vulnerable, you stop and look at them twice and think,  “You, too?! I thought it was just me . . .”* I thought it was just me who painted model civil […]

The Lawn Lady Doesn’t Know Me

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Let’s talk about how friendship is different from business contacts. Friends are simply people you know well enough that you’re happy being yourself. The more you know them, the safer you feel to be you. You may not reveal all your secrets, but you can be your back-porch self with them.  When your honest self shows […]