Balloon Friends

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For February, I want to unpack what a friend really means. Let’s start with a beautiful metaphor. Friends are like balloons, hot air balloons. They light up our sky. This brilliance is only possible because behind the incredible show of light and color, someone worked very hard on this balloon. Read more on this balloon metaphor […]

Friendship Fountain

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Fountains distract me in the best of ways. I know they’re ancient inventions, just water in motion, but there’s such a soothing playfulness in fountains. They invite me to wait and watch. The movement and sound of those splashes, the lure to reach for a few coins at the bottom, the energy of water shot […]

Why Christmas is Often a Bore

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Almost 100 years ago, Dorothy L. Sayers wrote, “Great bore, Christmas, isn’t it? All the people one hates most gathered together in the name of goodwill and all that.” To which Lord Peter Wimsey responds, “Bring a couple of whiskies.”* The rush and bubble of all those people we don’t really know and, let’s be […]

Mapping Out Friendship

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If someone asked you to draw a map to find a good friend, could you chart the path? Maybe you know a few landmarks?  What are the signs that you’re on the path to a strong, lifelong friendship? I took inventory recently and came up with this list. What has led me to great friendships? […]

Lifelong Friends

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You know that moment when a stranger reveals something a little different from the crowd? And in that moment, when they look a little vulnerable, you stop and look at them twice and think,  “You, too?! I thought it was just me . . .”* I thought it was just me who painted model civil […]