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“Three Tulips” – original watercolor still life of flowers

A Turkish flower later shared with the Dutch, I find the tulip so regal and unflustered. The tulip seems the most poised of all the flowers. The long, graceful leaves reaching to protect the elegant furl of petals. In my late 20’s, I received a bouquet of tulips during the days after a miscarriage.  I was a traveling speaker and author at the time. I had spoken to one Bible study group in southern California who continued to track closely enough with my online blog to know the suffering my husband and I were facing. They honored the life I had lost with these flowers.

In the Victorian times, the tulip was a symbol for perfect, unfailing love.

This painting is now a part of my Flowers 2 Card Collection. “Three Tulips” is the original painting.



Original watercolor, 11” x 7.5”, watercolor on 150 lb Saunders Waterford paper.


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