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Playing Tag in Savannah

This was originally painted during a six-week cross-country trip. My boys were playing tag while we walked to our van for another day on the road. It was early morning in Savannah, Georgia and I particularly liked the shadows. I painted the original study in our van a few days later in the parking lot at Kennedy Space Center. Dale and the boys looked at rockets while I stayed put. You can see a pic I took that morning of my setup. That study became a value study later back at my studio. Then I painted this larger piece which has all that early morning crisp light.

That wonderful pleasure of playing tag with your sibling, putting your all into running and stepping just outside their reach. All good sibling relationships are models to us adults about how to be friends. It’s just no fun when your sibling refuses to play.



Original, 11″ x 15”, watercolor on 140 lb 100% cotton Saunders’ St. Cuthbert’s Mill paper. Unframed.

I’d be happy to send you a high resolution picture of this piece. Then you can really zoom into the details! Just send me a note here.


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