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“Nubble Lighthouse Reflections” – York, Maine

While my husband and boys tested out their new Christmas present (a drone) circling the harbor, I found a spot to set up to paint. It was below freezing which is a problem with watercolors, so I had about 20 minutes to capture this iconic view along the New England coast. You can see that study and the drone footage in the film linked at left.

How to paint it fresh? That was the challenge with such a highly photographed and painted spot. When my eight-year-old son testing the waters near the edge, I made his reflections part of the scene. His engagement with scene, studying all the barriers between him and the lighthouse, made me focus on the line of sight between him and the beacon.



Original watercolor painting, 15″ x 22″, watercolor on 140 lb 100% cotton Saunders’ St. Cuthbert’s Mill paper. Unframed.


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