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Covid Art Show Virtual Gallery Tickets

“Saving Lives”

Listen to the stories.
Savor the watercolor paintings.
Find the words to tell your own stories.

A virtual gallery experience You will experience a thoughtful, interactive gallery walking through Jonalyn’s exhibition on the COVID years.

$10 admission includes:

  • 40 minutes online gallery experience
  • invitation and instructions to submit your story
  • additional behind-the-scenes film


  1. One ticket per household.
  2. You will receive your access link via a PDF download upon purchasing tickets.
  3. Do not share your link with anyone outside your household. Should you want to share this film, simply forward this link to the Preview which has easy links to purchase the full length feature. All of the content contained in this full length virtual exhibition belongs to Jonalyn Fincher and cannot be used or sold anywhere else. Content theft is a real problem, so please respect my copyright. Thank you for protecting my work by resisting the urge to forward these links to anyone outside your household.


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  1. One ticket per household.
  2. You will receive your private link upon purchase.
  3. Film is the sole ownership of Jonalyn Studio, not to be copied or distributed without written permission.


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