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Jonalyn Fincher is an artist, author, and philosopher.

Born and raised in Whittier, California, she’s lived in Colorado, Virginia, New Hampshire and soon on her sailboat traveling the world with her family.

Keep up with Jonalyn’s adventures painting at her painted blog. Subscribe for news, events and first pieces off the easel.

Jonalyn and her husband, Dale Fincher, home educate their boys and share a weekly podcast “Back Porch with Dale and Jonalyn” (Apple and Spotify). Enjoy their online studies at Thinkific.

Learn more about Jonalyn’s 2023 COVID paintings and events at her Saving Lives Gallery and posts.

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A Tale of Two Grandmas

Mama Grace’s kitchen was alive.

I visited last February and still found food soaking, drying, ripening in her kitchen. Under that paper towel were mung beans sprouting, her fridge was full of food I couldn’t recognize.

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Nubble Lighthouse Reflections watercolor painting with white lighthouse, blue water reflecting sky.

A New Adventure Sailing the World

The last five years, from the Rockies to the Atlantic Ocean, our family has inched closer to the water.

In a few months, we will be living off the coast of South Africa, on our catamaran “Lady Grey”. So many normal things are about to change, but some things will remain the same.

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"Beauty from Prickles" - Cactus with yellow bloom

Who Tells Your Story?

We can all remember certain stories that define us. When you think of your favorites stories growing up, were any about you?

Who told your stories?

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