From the Robert Frost Farm … to the Maine Coast

I’ve read Robert Frost’s poems and found my favorites, but moving to New Hampshire, I began reading him in earnest. A favorite line from his long poem “New Hampshire” for you,

She’s one of the two best states in the Union.
Vermont’s the other. And the two have been
Yokefellows in the sap yoke from of old
in many Marches. And they lie like wedges.
Thick end to thin end and thin end to thick end,
And are a figure of the way the strong
Of mind and strong of arm should fit together,
One thick where one is thin and vice versa.

I took my boys to walk the trails of the Robert Frost Farm in Derry, New Hampshire. During the wild ramble, we took the road less traveled and crossed Hyla Brook, both of which have poems named after them. We learned about the Frost family’s home education and got to hear Frost in a video read his poetry. From this adventure I painted some miniature scenes of the Frost Farm. Also one larger piece. You can find them in my shop.

I’ve found at least three plein air (outside) painting groups and that means I’m making more painting friends and getting better at painting in the wind, rain and heat. So far, the sailboat one is my favorite, as it has those wonderful Maine coast rocks, draped in lichen and seaweed. Today I met the New Hampshire Association out at Ogunquit Art Museum. Below you can see some of the picture that make my summer so wonderful out here in New Hampshire. And be sure to see these two new miniature landscape, “The Milford Oval” one of the darling towns of New England and “The Exeter Bandstand” designed by the same architect who created The Lincoln Memorial. Both are available at my shop.

I wanted to share this piece “Moonrise at Sunset” painted in honor of the Blood Moon in June. Dale, my husband, suggested I paint it for a themed competition on “New England Summer”. I submit it on Saturday. If you’re reading this on my blog you can read about the process in the Artist’s Note.

In closing, I am proud of the many people, like my husband, who tirelessly work to keep this wonderful country a place where we can still speak and live, paint and explore freely. I see how a good marriage, like a good friendship means you fit together. The strong of arm and the strong of mind, like two wedges, like VT and NH, sharing a border. Two individuals who touch, salute each other, and work the same yoke.

Have a wonderful Independence Day celebration with your yokefellows, my friends!

Painting in Portsmouth, NH
The Maine Coast near Kittery
Painting the Wentworth Mansion near Portsmouth, NH
Robert Frost’s Farm
The Frost Farm framed
A miniature Frost Farm painting
The latest collection of mini landscapes
Painting in downtown Exeter, the road approaching the Bandstand.
In the studio, the Milford Oval miniature landscape
Painting in Ogunquit yesterday on the Art Museum grounds
“Moonrise at Sunset” painted this week for the Seacoast Artist Association’s monthly contest

We saw this moon rise the evening we met another family of boys at the park across our street. After an impromptu game of baseball and climbing trees, the dusk gathered and we got to see this amazing moon rising. We would have missed it if the new friends hadn’t called to us to look behind us. Dale suggested I paint this scene for the upcoming plein air competition in town. I decided to sketch a small version to really figure out the composition and colors. And then I painted this piece which Dale helped me title “Moonrise at Sunset” because you can see how sunset light reflected up in the moon and the windows of the town of Exeter. I am particularly happy with the wild and abundant feel of “Moonrise at Sunset”. You can see the Old Mill, the String Bridge and Squamscott River in town lookin steady and stately, but I can feel the New England summer opulence. New Hampshire is lush and humid so that by summer you feel the growth, as if the bittersweet and Virginia Creeper, the Boston ivy and honeysuckle are all proving themselves. There’s a wildness in the earth here that I love.

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