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Jonalyn Fincher is an artist, author, and philosopher.

Born and raised in Whittier, California, she’s lived in Colorado, Virginia, New Hampshire and soon on her sailboat traveling the world with her family.

Keep up with Jonalyn’s adventures painting at her painted blog. Subscribe for news, events and first pieces off the easel.

Jonalyn and her husband, Dale Fincher, home educate their boys and share a weekly podcast “Back Porch with Dale and Jonalyn” (Apple and Spotify). Enjoy their online studies at Thinkific.

Learn more about Jonalyn’s 2023 COVID paintings and events at her Saving Lives Gallery and posts.

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Painting Outside: Why Do it? a real life plein air story

Every painting has a story, some scarier than others. The Unmarked White Van Warm enough to paint outside, I packed early for Seabrook, New Hampshire. Near the border of Massachusetts, Seabrook is renown for roughness. The half block deserted beach held several tantalizing lobster boats close to shore. I parked and walked to the ideal spot. I had set up my gear and painted the first wash before an unmarked white van pulled up. The male driver parked close enough

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Nubble Lighthouse Reflections watercolor painting with white lighthouse, blue water reflecting sky.

A New Adventure Sailing the World

The last five years, from the Rockies to the Atlantic Ocean, our family has inched closer to the water. In a few months, we will be living off the coast of South Africa, on our catamaran “Lady Grey”. So many normal things are about to change, but some things will remain the same. Sailing Dreams The first time I stepped foot on a sailboat, I was 17. My friend, Nancy, towed me along to enjoy her parent’s sailboat. Sitting on

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"Beauty from Prickles" - Cactus with yellow bloom

Who Tells Your Story?

We can all remember certain stories that define us. When you think of your favorites stories growing up, were any about you? Who told your stories? Dinner Table Stories Growing up my dad would tell the family stories around our dinner table. I’ve heard all the family stories so many times, I could tell them with all the right pauses. But as an adult, I learned the prickly side to my family lore. I found out the real reason one

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Covid art of doctor with COVID era mask in the shape of a hand covering her mouth.

COVID Paintings – Reviews from the VIRTUAL Watercolor Show

When you finish an event, two years in the making, it’s wonderful to be able to share the good words with you. Let me share what people said about the “Saving Lives” Virtual Gallery Experience. What They Said After my Premiere event of “Saving Lives”, my watercolor exhibition on the COVID years, here’s what the audience had to say. Just magnificent! —Epping, New Hampshire I loved it! Engaging and moving, gave me a pause to process everything. I was crying

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Framing Windows Milford NH watercolor painting commission 11 x 15

You’re Invited – the Virtual Gallery of my COVID paintings

When you’re an artist you want your friends to witness the art you create. It is the biggest honor and a true celebration to share what you’ve made. A Place for You Two years of painting coming together for one LIVE event! I think it will be a refreshing and beautiful time. I am hosting a LIVE virtual gallery of the “Saving Lives” experience I mounted last summer. You will feel like you’re walking with me to the gallery and

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Watercolor painting of ski helmet, goggles and gloves with a cup of hot chocolate.

Savor Chocolate

There’s a reason I chose chocolate. Teaching Tweens This last semester I taught Creative Writing to a class of 15 junior highers. Our time crescendoed on a Parent’s Day when I paired each child/parent into teams and placed two matching Lindt chocolate truffles before them. Observe their chocolates and write your best words, I told them. Together they tried to outperform the other teams with the most memorable quartet of verse. Cheering, laughing, vying with each other a the children

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