Invitation to Tears: A Guide to Grieving Well

Jonalyn and Aubrie team up to offer a guide for how to face and move through the tasks of grief.


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Grief can come in many forms and for many reasons. But grief of any kind forces us to ask the questions “What do I do next?” and “How will I go on?” Unfortunately, as we ache for our lives to be the way they once were, we are too often given pat answers, unhelpful advice, and step-by-step processes that leave us feeling like unsuccessful grievers. Jonalyn Fincher and Aubrie Hills use their own personal experiences of grief, as well as stories from others, to explore a healthy vocabulary of grief. By looking at the way Scripture approaches mourning, and even the example set by Jesus, we discover how grief brings healing and life. In these pages you will find opportunities to engage with your own rolling waves of grief and recognize the importance of grieving well.


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