Flowers 2 Collection of Greeting Cards

As an artist, I am always looking for thoughtful cards that will be cherished beyond the initial read. As an author, I prefer handwritten cards, our penmanship, even my messy scrawl, says so much about who we are. So, with my watercolor training, I created a card line for my tradition of letter-writing and sending.

The Flowers, and later Bird Collection is my way to express the way beauty flares up and then is gone. My paintings are a capture of that moment of full bloom. My paintings are inspired by vintage botanicals but also by my love for the impressionists.

My personal card collection has grown into a small business. Printed on 80 pound cream card stock here in New Hampshire, the paper remains my favorite surface to write my own letters. Each card includes a paragraph (on the back), the story behind the painting. You might enjoy reading one, here’s the “Sweet Pea Story”.

When we had three corgis, I would call them my “sweet peas”. Then, we had our first boy. The corgis followed him around and I started to call him my “Sweet Pea”. Now, the corgis have all died. We miss them, but my Sweet Pea is now 12 and he remembers them. I painted these sweet peas in honor of them all. In the Victorian times, when people knew flowers had meanings, a guest would give a sweet pea to say “Thank you for a wonderful time.”

I get so much encouragement from re-reading beautifully written and carefully chosen cards. When a loved one dies and I can still read their words, written by their hand, it’s like I can better remember them. I am honored that my cards are a part of that enduring tradition of stepping across time and space to write to those we love.



Flower Greeting Card Pack | Botanical Watercolor Cards, Flower Blank Cards Set | Set of 4 | Watercolor Gift Cards

Folding natural white (cream) cards each with a different word on the cover. Professionally printed on 80 lb cream card stock with a matte finish. Smooth paper, your pen won’t catch on bumps! Matching cream envelopes included.

A7 sized: 5″ x 7″

Unless ordering quantities of 12+, shipped within 1-2 business days (Monday–Friday).

© Giving or keeping a card for yourself is perfect – no commercial use or resale is allowed without permission.


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