“Exeter Reflections”, New Hampshire

This is Exeter, New Hampshire, where we have lived almost a year. Exeter, like all towns, is full of contradictions. So much of the world-renowned education here doesn’t recognize truth or freedom. So many people here are locked in the terror of voting honestly, speaking up and having their voices count. The majority seems to have leveraged or bullied the conservative voices into silence and yet, these mornings…still God gives us all these visions of other-worldly beauty each day.

Mercies new every morning.

All is not right here. Reality is being brewed instead of discovered.

But, we all get to see these views every morning.

I see the harmony God put in this world and the growing disharmony rising all around: the corruption at the local bookstores and libraries (when did these become hotbeds of Marxist thought??!) in the school system, at the pediatrician’s office and at City hall. The good people cowed into silence. Lies and manipulations and preying on the young and marginalized in the name of “love” and “rights” and “sensitivity”. All words that used to be wed to truth. Not anymore. You know that. You know exactly what I mean.

But I’m still celebrating what good I have found, like this scene of the town, floating on the Squamscott River, as if in a fairytale world.


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Original, 11″ x 15”, watercolor on 140 lb 100% cotton Saunders’ St. Cuthbert’s Mill paper. Unframed.

I’d be happy to send you a high resolution picture of this piece. Then you can really zoom into the details! Just send me a note here.


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