“Excluded” – Exeter, New Hampshire

“I blocked out this memory because it made me so sad. After vaccines came out and kids were back in school, one of my son’s friends had a birthday sleepover. My son wasn’t able to stay over because he wasn’t vaccinated. I was livid and wanted to call the mom, but my son said it was no big deal. However, I know deep down it bothered him. He was feeling so much pressure to “fit in” and get vaccinated. I was so scared he would go off on his own and do it.

It was such a dystopian and dysfunctional time. I pray that we don’t experience anything like it again.”

— Anne Sorber, Exeter resident

Some children caught COVID, all children caught fear. Germany made it their policy to instruct children, “If grandma gets sick from COVID and you weren’t being careful, it will be your fault she died.” Children were schooled with shame into cutting themselves off from friends.

In what places do you look back with concern over what adults did to children?


This painting was part of Jonalyn’s Saving Lives Gallery and Virtual Watercolor Event.

All Jonalyn’s paintings arrive with a living edge. You can frame her art by either covering or showcasing this raw edge. Jonalyn’s favorite way to frame her work is in a “float mount” showcasing this raw, living edge.



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“Excluded” 11 x 15″ original watercolor on 140 lb 100% cotton Saunders paper.


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