Columbine with Two Buds

On the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, these leggy Columbine would grow naturally. Their long stems and over-the-top colors still remind me of walking the woods of the Rocky Mountains in Spring.

I painted these Columbines a few days ago. I wanted to capture the delicate beauty of this flower, both in the bud, the open flower and the delicate leaves and stem. I also spent time noticing how many colors I saw within the purples and even the yellows and golds of the flower. See the first wash with those yellow colors on the tips of each petal?

After posting it on social media, an acquaintance offered to send me some of her flowers to grow from seed, here in New Hampshire. I quickly accepted. This is precisely how new friendships begin, sharing something we love together.

This painting is now a part of my Flowers Card collection. It is also on display in a gallery in Milford, NH. Please allow extra time (1 week) for retrieval before shipping.




Original watercolor, 7” x 10”, watercolor on 300 lb Arches paper.


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