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“Self-Portrait with COVID-19” – Exeter, New Hampshire

“I was new to Exeter so we didn’t know many people, yet. Then, we got COVID.

I set up a tele-health call with a doctor. With a 104 degree fever, I met with a smiling MD who quickly commented that I looked well. He asked, “Have you been vaccinated?” When I replied I had not, his face dropped, “I recommend you go to the local ER. There’s really nothing I can do. You rolled the dice and lost.”

Shaking from that meeting, trying to advocate for my health while fighting the disease, I processed the call with my husband. Of all the trials of the COVID years, the phone call with this doctor remains the worst memory. I was shamed for thinking on my own and considering the still-unknown and under-tested vaccine might not be best for my body. I was denied care. I was frightened into thinking this sickness was terminal.

I went for a walk outside the next day. I still had COVID but I caught some gorgeous sunshine. I was recovering fine. And those gaslighting messages were behind me.”

—Jonalyn Fincher, Exeter, 2022


This painting was part of Jonalyn’s Saving Lives Gallery and Virtual Watercolor Event.

All Jonalyn’s paintings arrive with a living edge. You can frame her art by either covering or showcasing this raw edge. Jonalyn’s favorite way to frame her work is in a “float mount” showcasing this raw, living edge.



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“Self-Portrait with COVID-19″ 11 x 15” original watercolor on 140 lb 100% cotton Saunders paper.


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