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“Cancelled” – The Netherlands and Brazil

Dr. Simon Goddek, biotechnologist at Waheningen University published an academic paper in summer 2020, before a vaccine existed, exploring the usefulness of Vitamin D to treat COVID. Soon after, Waheningen University received pressure to retract Goddek’s paper, while virologists worldwide inundated Goddek’s Twitter account. Refusing to back down, Goddek began posting more scientific studies and questions on Twitter, tracing the funding for the COVID PCR test to Bill Gates. Initially publicly backed by his employer, after a few more weeks of pressure, Waheningen University dismissed Goddek.

Goddek continued to share scientific studies on problems with the COVID narrative, asking pointed questions about mask efficacy, and doggedly following the paper trail. Twitter permabanned Goddek in June 2021 for “targeted harassment” later changed to “spreading dangerous medical falsehoods”. Goddek left the Netherlands to find work. He attempted to sue Twitter from Brazil, his lawyer met Twitter’s six lawyers via Zoom and lost.

Do you believe the social and governmental policies of cancelling scientists like Dr. Goddek contributed to health during the COVID years?


This painting was part of Jonalyn’s Saving Lives Gallery and Virtual Watercolor Event.

All Jonalyn’s paintings arrive with a living edge. You can frame her art by either covering or showcasing this raw edge. Jonalyn’s favorite way to frame her work is in a “float mount” showcasing this raw, living edge.



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“Cancelled” 11 x 15″ original watercolor on 140 lb 100% cotton Saunders paper.


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