Auction Sneak Peek

I’m offering a LIVE auction event following my Saving Lives Show this Saturday. Enjoy a look at the paintings that may be available.

A Painting That Calls You

Depending on audience size, we will release more paintings and prints for auction.

At the current tickets sales, the first four will be available. You’ll notice several are limited edition prints, no longer publicly available. If you see any paintings or prints you like, get your ticket BEFORE the event starts. Ticket sales close 1/27 at 6:45pm. 

Purchase tickets here.

Savannah Tag, Georgia, 15 x 11″
Sturdy Bridge over Ice, Tannery Hill, NH 11 x 15″ print on acid-free paper


Friendship, Steamboat Springs, CO, 10 x 7.5″


Strawberry Banke, Portsmouth, NH, 3.5 x 2.5″


Painting Outdoors at Cape Neddick, ME, 11 x 15″


Wolfeboro Bridge, Lake Winnepesaukee, NH, 11 x 15″ print on acid-free paper


Late for Lunch, Charlotte, NC, 15 x 11″


Catch Me If You Can, Punta Gorda, FL, 15 x 11″


The LIVE event

Two years of painting coming together for one LIVE event! I think it will be a refreshing and beautiful time.

I am hosting a LIVE virtual gallery of the “Saving Lives” experience I mounted last summer. You will feel like you’re walking with me to the gallery and through the space I created in Exeter last summer. Even if you visited or met me at the gallery, through this film, I will guide you through the making, collecting and stories behind each painting.

Afterwards I’ll take questions and we will finish with an art auction! 

Tickets to join me on January 27, 7-8:30 pm ET are available here.

Listen to the stories. Savor the watercolor paintings. Find the words to tell your own stories.


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